Snake skin Body Painting- Burmese Pythons 

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HHHmmmmm~ Dresses based on butterflies i saw at butterfly world.

Was gonna make fake pokemon BUT NO. DRESSES. 

I would wear all of these forever.


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» Things to do:

while I am at mom’s

  • Tell brother I don’t want art stuff, I just want money for a new laptop. 
  • Tell dad I want money. 
  • Tell everyone I want money. 
  • Put the cone of shame on my step dad’s cat and hope she doesn’t kill me. 
  • Draw porn. 
  • Draw fetish art of my muses and oc’s
  • shave legs and wear a dress on christmas because I can’t walk out looking like a wooly mammoth on christmas day. I must shed my winter coat. 
  • drink tons of soda and cry about my ulcers and possible bladder infections. 
  • not kill the cats for eating my art supplies. 

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Kai doodle because I’ve been wanting to fiddle with her design a bit anyway

I need to draw her more often :Ia

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O_O I have been working on this off and on for a while now, SO I AM SO SORRY FOR BEING LAZY RAI ; o;

Here is my end of the trade~! This is the lovely Rai, who belongs to the equally lovely Rai-Shi. 

She was super fun to draw, I just adore her skin color and eye combination ; u; adorablez. 


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and jess’ coyote in an ugly christmas sweater.

kjsahjskhfdsjkfhkjsafhskfhkjdghv Ada….you’re killing me. He’s so precious. lkjsafjdshnv

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here’s jess’ christmas tazzy-poo.


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A WIP that I did last night. OTL I got really bored and tired. 

I need to erase her covered vag. Oops. 

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So, for some odd reason, when I go to draw Lucy, I suddenly give him these wide eyes? And why does he look so….American in this? 

I LIKE IT, I’m just trying to figure out how I am gonna draw Klepto. OTL I will narrow Lucy’s eyes once I get to drawing more later in the day, that was a warm up sketch so I can actually get a sense of what the fuck I’m doing with my hands. 

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